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Bitcoin is now better than the Ether Mark. In terms of the original technology, Ethereum has an advantage over Bitcoin. The Ethereum network can process transactions eight times faster than the Bitcoin architecture (about 25 transactions per second compared to three Bitcoins).


Bitcoin was manufactured more than eight years ago, but so far no other cryptocurrency can go beyond Satoshi. Everything changed the appearance of Ethereum and followed step by step the steps of the leader. At present, many people predict that Ethereum will not only catch up with the big digital funds, but also restrict them.

If we talk about numbers, in the last four months alone, the total contribution rate of Bitcoin to the global capitalization of cryptocurrencies has fallen from 78% to 48%. The parallel direction has increased the influence of Ethereum, and its capital has reached about 26% of the total budget of the financial technology industry. In addition, the products proposed by Vitalik Buterin exist only for two years.
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The concept of "flipping" is specifically used to explain the fact that Ethereum's supremacy over Bitcoin lags behind the overall growth rate. At the beginning of the year, $ 9 was offered for a coin, and then the cryptocurrency reached nearly $ 400. But many digital coins have risen so that the Frontech room can now hold Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The strong growth rate of the Ethereum payment system is an order of magnitude faster than the rapid growth of Bitcoin. This will give a complex feeling to those who are faithful to the cryptocurrency. Some say that the future belongs to Altcoin while others believe that after integrating the SegWit protocol into the system, big digital capital has made a revolutionary breakthrough. Some people even believe Bitcoin will sink, paving the way for alternative blockchain activities.

To evaluate Ethereum, you must understand that these are not standard cryptocurrencies. With this system, you can use smart contacts based on the modern application you want to use. Effective ICOs, trading portfolios, funds and other types of commercial activities can, therefore, be executed through the Ethereum platform. For this reason, the payment network Vitalik Buterin offers many advantages that Bitcoin can not offer, and it will certainly carry out more transactions in the future.

One of the key benefits of Ethereum is its high operating speed. Prevent 5 transactions per minute on the network. The transaction is executed using the Ghost log properties created by the Ethereum development team. As a result, instant transfers can be performed while key competitors update only 6 times per hour.


It's hard to compare which one is better - Bitcoin or Ethereum, we can talk about two systems like vegetables and fruits. In fact, however, they were never directly rated in competition. Bitcoin was originally considered as a means of payment, and tokens were used in the Ethereum network to implement intelligent contracts. Even representatives of this system recommend not using Ethereum as a means of payment, but this approach still does not help to get rid of the chips used on the stock exchanges.

It must be remembered that Bitcoin is indeed a deflation due to the strict restrictions on the issue of coins for such payment systems. The total cryptocurrency issued is 21 million digital tokens. In the case of the ether, it is about inflation, as the annual circulation of the fund has reached 18 million coins. If we look at the money in the long run, the price of Ethereum coins will decline and the demand for Bitcoin will increase. In addition, the number of first coins at this time is more than six times the number of chips discovered by Satoshi Nakamoto.

If we look at a basic list of crystals, in the long run, Flipping has every opportunity to do so. In addition, this process has been discussed very often. And if the current situation continues to grow, Ethereum will soon be worth more than Bitcoin.


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